“Rewarding Human Capital”


Sense (Sensay) creates blockchain based smart contracts in chat and rewards humans for the contributions they make to one another conversationally, across Sensay and other messenger applications. Humans can monetize their proof of intelligence in the data used to train AI applications and agents. Sensay, the first application, creates a marketplace for peer to peer conversations.

Solved Problem

Currently, humans are limited by centralized social networks and indexed by advertising-supported social graphs, ultimately unable to own the value they contribute within these networks. Multiple centralized messaging apps consume more time for users than any other types of applications and operate in silos, with no common knowledge repository and no way to connect these apps. Sensay solves this problem with a decentralized, transparent, interoperable messaging platform enabling anyone to chat and unlock transactions across centralized messaging applications in a distributed network.


Our opinion

About the Project

Sense’s team is betting on people knowledges, skills & experiences. We f*cking love that! Sense has a constructive vision about tomorrow’s communication & exchanges. They are creating a system which rewards knowledge incrementation. We are done with inaction or bullshitting. Sense offers a vision where people will build their own knowledge capital and capitalise on it! We are going into a true world of mutual enrichment. Thumbs up!

They probably have plenty of power under the hood but it is not spread in front of the face. Already a couple of investors have invested or advised Sensay, Sense will probably get all the good from the first born.

About the Team

Mojo (Director of happiness) is not gonna distract us!
Sense’s team has been founded by 2 serial-entrepreneurs. They do know how to drive a business, the time will give us the answer about a blockchain one! The rest of the team are casually young & fresh, a couple of okay advisor. For what we can see, it does not look like a success team but they have background, support and advisors.

We signed for the project!







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